Card game poem

This poem is from the word card game. Each word that I was given is in bold.

A conspiracy behind the scream:

The delirious fountain was content with the vast murmur of the water.

Then, a crystallized flamingo screamed in the local cemetery.  “There must be a conspiracy behind the scream.” The fountain thought.

The tide in the water went on fire and the firelight allured the Beast living in the next village.

The Beast gripped to the velvet lilacs next to him as he sat down in his garden. It seemed to shimmer as he schemed up his plan.

The Beast then put his plan into perspective and he slept on the idea. Through the night, the village where the fountain and the flamingo reside, burned to the ground in a gleaming shimmer.

Now, the screams  of all the victims in the fire, haunt the Beasts’ dreams.

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